Ladies Only Paddle Adventure

Trip Lasts 3-4 Hours

Easy to Participate

Snacks Provided

All Ages Welcome

Ladies do you need a break from it all? Do you want to get out and explore but don’t want to go alone? Or are you and your friends looking for something fun to do? If you wandered yes to any of these questions then this ladies only paddle day is for you. So gather up a friend or two and come out and enjoy Alaska with this ladies only guided trip.

What is a Ladies Only Paddle Day?

Calling all the Ladies out there! Are you ready for an adventure?

Ladies do you need to get out and have some fun? If so this monthly ladies outing is just for you. This adventure is no kids, no boys and no dirty dishes or laundry. So leave all your cares and worries behind you and come have some fun with the girls. During the summer season, this tour will take you on a float down the Knik River. So grab your girl friend and come meet some new friends as you get outside. We host these tours once a month during our normal operating season.

This tour is for Woman only ages 18 or older.

What is included in a this summer ladies only adventure?

  • Kayak
  • Life jacket
  • Paddle
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Snack
  • Tour guide

What to expect for this outing with the girls?

This tour starts and ends at the Glenn Highway Knik River Bridge by Reflection’s Lake. Once everyone is checked in we will transfer everyone to Old Knik Bridge. Once at the bridge we will board our paddle craft and begin our journey down the Knik River. The Knik River is glacier fed so no jumping in unless you want a very cold bath. The river has a strong but slow moving current that takes us back to the Glenn Highway Bridge. Depending on tides and wind you may need to paddle at the very end of the Knik River but for the most part this is a very relaxing float. As we float, look for animals, admire the grandeur of the Chugach mountains and observe the many braids of the river.

What is the cost for this guided ladies only trip?

$130 per person for non-Alaska residents

Contact us for Alaskan resident, Active duty military, and first responder pricing.

Addition add-on services.

Shuttle pick ups and drop off service to and from your destination start at $100. Shuttle service needs to be arranged with one of the motor tour company’s we have partnered with.

Escaping Anchorage

Welcome Anchorage

What to bring to your ladies only trip!

There can be wind blowing off the glacier or coming from the mountain so we recommend that you wear the following:

  • Non-cotton base layer
  • Quick drying shirt and pants
  • Fleece jacket
  • Rain/wind outer layer pants and jacket
  • Hat with draw string or a beanie
  • Shoes that can get wet and dry quickly (flip flops are discouraged)
  • Bring a friend!