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Northern Lights Snowshoe Adventure

Alaska is famous for its Northern Lights. On this guided Northern Lights Adventure we will be snowshoeing under the lights in the incredible landscape. So come see what all the excitement is about and book your own guided trip today! 

Trip Lasts 6 Hours

Easy to Participate

Snacks Provided

Age 15+ Welcomed

Availability of this tour

What is a Starlight Northern Lights Snowshoe adventure?

Starlight Snowshoeing is a a snowshoe hike under the cover of darkness, where we explore the winter woodlands of Alaska on a guided snowshoe hike. On this guided tour we look for the creatures of the night, the stars, the planets, and of course, the Northern Lights!

What is included in a Snowshoe adventure under the night sky?

A ride from your desired pick up location either in Wasilla, Palmer, or Anchorage Alaska. From there we shuttle you out to a remote area for a night time snowshoeing hike to our optimal viewing location. Snacks and assorted mix of hot drinks, head lamps and warm blankets are provided. 

What to expect for this snowshoeing under the Northern Lights?

A typical trip itinerary is as follows 

  • After being picked up,  a shuttle will take you out of the city to get away from the light pollution. A shuttle ride can be 1:45 min out of Anchorage or 45 minutes from Palmer,  depending on where you get picked up
  • Once at our destination you will receive snowshoe instructions and then set out on our guided snowshoe hike
  • Hike out to a clear spot to view the Northern Lights and stars while the tent is being set up..
  • Snacks are provided at this point of our tour.
  • Hike back out to our shuttle vehicle and have a ride back to where we picked you up.
  • This trip is a 4-hour round trip adventure from Wasilla, 6-hour from Anchorage, and starts at 8 PM at night and gets done at around 2 AM

What is the cost for this guided northern lights tip?

This trip is $140 per person minimum of two people or cash equivalent for any pick up in the Palmer or Wasilla Alaska area. 

This trip is $200 per person minimum of two people or cash equivalent for any pick up in the Anchorage area 

What to bring on your guided snowshoe trip?

  • Dress in warm layers of clothing
  • Winter hat
  • Gloves
  • Coat
  • Snow pants
  • Boots
  • A friend