Revel Treks and Tours

Half to multi day options avalible

Locally Owned and Operated

Snacks Provided

All Ages Welcome

Why we Like Revel Treks and Tours

From day one Kierre (owner), and her team have been very supportive of our company and what we are doing. This support is not just limited to us, she believes in community and strives to build up locally owned businesses. Her tours are also well planned and guided by locals so when booking with Revel you are getting not only the best possible experience but also local knowledge of this area. 

Hike and Brew: Half day hike with a brew stop!

Want to sample some of Palmer’s best attractions? Our hike and brew trip combines scenic views, a moderately challenging hike and a locally crafted beverage. Spend 2-3 hours of hiking and end the afternoon with a stop at a local brewery – pint or flight included.

Palmer Culture and History Tour

This immersive tour comprises three distinct history stops, each offering a unique perspective on the valley’s past and present. Join us for an enriching experience that blends geological wonders, cultural heritage, and the agricultural tapestry of Palmer.

Rocks, Rivers and Glaciers: A half day hike and history tour

Our rivers, rocks and glaciers trip combines outdoor activity with educational adventure. This 4-hour trip takes travelers back in time to imagine what the Matanuska Valley looked like when glaciers were here. We’ll spend time exploring a glacial outwash plain, talking about the landscape glaciers left behind.