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Seven Reasons why you should consider a Paddleboard on your Alaska adventure!

1: The natural scenery in Alaska is incredible, why not see it in a unique way

2: Fish, Moose, and Bears o my. These are just a few of the animals you could see as they call the rivers and lakes their home. 

3: Alaska has all types of water from warm water lakes and rivers to glacier-feed rivers and lakes, to ocean bays and inlets, the possibility of the water is endless here. 

4: There are more miles of water in Alaska than roads. So you will see more of this place and all its wonders by boat than any other form of travel. 

5: Make new memories with your family and friends. We always recommend that you travel in groups. First, because there is safety in numbers but second it’s more fun when you have someone to share your adventure with. 

6: Paddleboards have a stigma of being hard to use because of balance. However with a little practice, you can be up and paddling in no time. 

7: You do not have to stand up on a paddleboard; kneeling and sitting are both appropriate ways of using the equipment. Paddleboards have some of the widest widths of any paddle sports equipment. Thus making them very stable from a seated or kneeling position. 

Alaska has over 300,000 lakes

We love the water and the state of Alaska for good reasons. There are thousands of miles of waterways, such as rivers, lakes, bays, and inlets. Alaska has everything you would ever want to see from a paddleboard. If you love water and adventure, It is a match made in heaven. Paddleboards make a great platform to get out and explore. This versatile platform has been used to go fishing, explore as an individual, and take our kids on the water.  Finger Lake State Park is one of our favorite places to paddle around with our family. Finger Lake serves as the starting point of the 7-mile canoe trail. The canoe trail connects Finger Lake to Cottonwood Lake, then Wasilla Lake. This canoe trail is one of many in the area that can be used for a day’s adventure. Another great place to paddle is Lynx Lake Canoe Trail for a day trip in Nancy Lake State Park. If you want a multiple-day trip be sure to check out the Swan Lake Canoe Trail on the Kenai peninsula is also a great possibility. Happy paddling!