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Come to Alaska and explore this winter wonderland.

Alaska is a great place to explore in winter. From snow covered hills for snowshoeing, to the vast frozen lakes of the north. This magical winter wonderland is renewed for its incredible vistas and northern lights. Our winter tours are open to all ages and ability levels. We invite all to come out and explore with us, feel free to contact us directly with special requests/needs.  If you are looking for next day and day of availability please call as our website dose not allow same day bookings. 

We look forward to helping you have a great experience in the winter wonderland of Alaska! All winter tours are scheduled to open on November 1st 2023 and are available through March 31st 2024 

(subject to change based on weather conditions) 

Call or email us at 907-691-8909 or reservat[email protected]  for Alaska resident/ Military pricing  

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We have partnered with these great companies to offer you a ride to and from Anchorage as needed. Please contact them directly for pricing and availability. 

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Hey friends! My name is Brittney, I’m the owner and founder of Escaping Anchorage.

I was inspired to start this company while waiting tables because every single day I would get the question “What is there to do for a few hours around Anchorage?”

Most visitors with this question had just checked out of their hotel, returned their rental car, and needed some entertainment for a few hours before their flight. There are neat things to do around town, but no one really comes to Alaska to hang out in the city. 

After enough of the same question, I decided to organize accessible tours at an affordable price for travelers (or locals!) in need. Thus, Escaping Anchorage was born. We offer easy guided tours just a little off the beaten path to see glorious waterfalls, stunning lakes, and enthralling vistas. Explore the wilder side of Anchorage with Escaping Anchorage.


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Welcome Alaskan Travelers!

I would like to extend a personal invitation to explore Alaska intimately. I have designed our excursions for couples, families, and smaller groups traveling together.

As a veteran Alaskan High School Educator of 30+ years, my passion is to show you a more interesting, “less traveled” Alaska. You can expect to see the big sites that are must-see destinations for all travelers intermixed with the “Real” Alaska out-of-the-way sites that will showcase the less visited, local experiences of the last frontier.

As a Tribal Citizen, Alaskan Private Pilot, and Experienced Tour Guide, I truly enjoy sharing facts, sights, and experiences of the 49th State.

Alaska is a place of dreams, midnight sun, auroras, and wildlife.

Our mission: When you choose Welcome Anchorage Tours, you will experience an unforgettable personal encounter with Alaska that will enrich your life.

James Bowers


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All Winter Tours and Offerings

Multi Day Guided Ice Fishing in the Alaska Bush

This trip is still in the works please check back for availability. Get away from it all! This trip includes a round trip to the Alaskan bush, a fully heated cabin, ice fishing, snow machining, snowshoeing, and of course a sauna!