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Snowshoe Rentals!

Have you ever wanted to explore Alaska in the winter? Have you ever wanted to try Snow Shoeing?  Well then you are in luck we are happy to provide you this service of snowshoe rentals to explore this beautiful state! 

Full Day Rental

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Snowshoe Sizes for all ages

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What is snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is a great way to get outside and explore during the winter. It allows a user of snowshoes to hike across deep snow that would otherwise be difficult to go though. As snowshoes allow the individual float across the snow, instead of sinking into the snow. 

What is included in with a snowshoe rental?

for each pair of snowshoes rented you will have the following items. 

  1. a pair of snowshoes for your weight range
  2. Two treck poles to help you maintain your balance 

What to expect well snowshoeing?

A typical snowshoe experience includes the following. 

  • finding a unique location such as Hatchers Pass Alaska or Nancy Lake State Recreation Area
  • strap the snow shoes to your feet and begin your trek

What is the cost for a rental of snowshoes?

This trip is $20 per pair. 

Add-on services:

have a guide take your group on a guided trip


Suggested gear to have with you well snowshoeing!

  • Winter clothes including the following items: Hat, Coat, Gloves, Snow Pants, Boots
  • Dress in layers of clothing to stay warm
  • check the weather before going